Welcome to KEVIN LATMORE.Com

I am glad you stopped by. I am a married father of 5 kids who lives both in Ottawa Canada and Tampa FL. I run my entire business online so as long as I have my laptop and iPhone, things are rocking.

12 years ago I used to have a great job at Costco but with a large family $45,000 year and living in a box just didn’t cut it. To further exacerbate my problems, I developed an illness that prevented me from being able to spend 9 hours a day at Costco. Yes we have benefits there but who could live on 70% of what you barely lived on before. So I struck out on my own to pursue my entrepreneurial endeavors .

With mounting bills, no income and the medical need for a flexible schedule, I delved into the world of network marketing. I was fortunate to have early and significant success. It was a combination of Desperation, Skill, Work Ethic, Planning and choosing the right company and TEAM.

Over the next decade I would go on to work with several companies and each time I would do better than the last. It has been a great learning experience and I consider myself fortunate to have met and worked with so many fantastic people in 63 different countries.

Major Accomplishments:

  • National Football Champion
  • Provincial / State Rugby Champion
  • Fastest to Reach #1 Position in 4 companies
  • Over $100 Million in Sales
  • 100,000 Teammates, Students and Business Partners
  • Developed Over 40 Different Websites in Various Niches
  • Developed over 4 Organizations of 10,000+ Members
  • Helped over 538 People Qualify for Car Bonuses
  • Helped 10,000’s create a significant secondary income
  • Helped 1000’s create a Full Time Income from Home
  • Trained and Inspired as Many as 19,000 People in Arenas and NFL Stadiums
  • Was Featured in : The Ottawa Sun, Ottawa Business Journal, Success Magazine and Success From Home Magazine
  • Climbed into the Top 40 out of 1,500,000 associates in my current company

Kevin Latmore Featured In Success Magazine

At this point in time I continue to focus on my lucrative and fun involvement with my company. I also travel extensively to coach, mentor and support my teammates. When I am not doing those things I continue to develop new websites, mobile apps and coach others on how to build websites and make money with internet marketing.

Please get in touch with me if you are either a Company owner or an Individual who needs help with any of the following areas in which I have considerable expertise.

  • Network Marketing Training
  • Internet Marketing Training
  • Website Sales / Marketing Plans
  • Website Conversion Consulting
  • Effective Social Media Implementation
  • Mobile Phone App Development (iOS iPhone, Android, )
  • MLM Consultant and I explain the Best MLM Compensation Plan here

I truly enjoy giving back to the home business community and sharing all that I have learned with those fighting for financial freedom. Whatever it is that you make or sell, Your Profits is My Passion. Get in touch and lets Raise your Personal or Business’ Bottom line.

Cheers To Your Vast and Eminent Success,

Kevin Latmore Consulting