Top mlm companies

Top MLM Companies List

Top MLM Companies list

Above is a Top MLM Companies list based on revenues generated during the year 2015. These mlm companies are some of the biggest and best. Some like Amway have been around for 57 years, and still continue to churn out nearly a Billion $ per month. Also included in the list is Jeunesse Global who hit the $Billion mark in just their 6th year of business. Many people think that Jeunesse broke the record for fastest to $1 Billion in annual sales due to their acquisition of Monvie. However if you look at the print we put at the bottom of the image you will see that even without the Monavie sales Jeunesse Global still crossed the $Billion mark.

It is interesting to note that many different niches within the mlm industry are represented within this top network marketing companies list. For instance you have at least 5 of the top 10 companies focused on Skincare. They are Avon, Nu Skin, Natura and Mary Kay. Natura is a Brazilian based mlm company. Other major skincare players are another Avon division, Jeunesse (French word for YOUTH), Oriflame, Belcorp and Vorwrek which owns cosmetic company JAFRA that account for a huge % of their sales revenue. So my research has shown me much to my surprise that nearly half of the 20 best mlm companies are actually skincare companies.

I guessed nutritional companies like Hebalife, New Era or Tiens would dominate, but I like many I assume would have been wrong. You have some great service based mlm companies like Ambit Energy, Primerica (Financial services) and Telecom Plus doing well. My first major network marketing success was with a telecom named Excel Communications. It was both fun and exciting to sell and recruit. The pitch was simple, “Hey EVERYBODY NEEDS a phone and internet right?”

Also rounding out the list is a mighthy 68 year old iconic mlm company … Tupperware. Talk about longevity and staying power. What I find most interesting about tupperware is that they still have over $2 Billion in sales, selling a product that lasts 20 years. So much for mlm saturation and needing to chase the next mlm prelaunch in order to find success.

Well there lots of teaching points and concepts to grasp from this list.

5 Best MLM Companies List Conclusions:

  1. Most of the biggest and best mlm companies are in skincare
  2. Whether you were 57 years old like Amway or 6 years like Jeunesse you can be at the top of the list
  3. Many different mlm compensation plans are used in respect to this list. Unilevel, Stairstep Breakaway, Coding (small passups until you hit a rank) and of course the binary compensation
  4. Top 10 mlm companies = $ 42.23 Billion in sales –  Top 20 = $ 54.57 Billion
  5. I always questioned if there really was 10K mlm companies? WOW!! I don’t even know all the $Billion companies! How many of the top 20 have you even ever heard of? (comment below)

Every day people are joining thousands of companies. Some join the best mlm companies, some join the worst mlm scam companies. Most distributors find themselves happily somewhere in the middle. Everyone thinks the have found the best mlm company to join. If you read my article on mlm compensation plans you will know how impossible this is. Every mlm or network marketing company is different. They all have good and bad points, prices or products. It is which of these mlm companies is best for you that is important.

If nothing else hopefully this list gave you some insight and gets you thinking. For the record there is something about #18 that I really like best wink wink.

Best MLM Compensation Plan

Best MLM Compensation Plan Ever?

People are always asking me for network marketing strategies or mlm tips. Another hot question I get often is “what is the best mlm compensation plan?” That question really gets me going. To be honest though I guess I was the same way when I started. I used to shout that My Company has the best compensation plan in the industry. So I guess I can’t be too mad at people now for saying it.

However I can share what I have discovered over my career though. The simple answer is that there is no such thing as the best mlm compensation plan. The very nature of this question is flawed. Also those shouting it usually do not even know ANY Other comp plan. They just know that they are in a binary compensation plan and their upline told them it was the best so they repeat to others that it is the best. Or perhaps they are in a unilevel or party plan and never even heard of a binary compensation plan. Now all of a sudden, mysteriously THEIRS is the best?

Most plans these days have intricate matching bonuses or are hybrid compensation plan anyways. Considering the fact that people were already confused it will continue to get more complicated for them to comprehend what their company is offering.

The video above explains whey these comp plan wars are so silly. That said below I will list the 5 major reasons why there is no viability to the argument of the best mlm compensation plan.

  1. Each Compensation Structure rewards SPECIFIC Skill set
  2. A Personal Profound result with a company will affect your enthusiasm more than compensation
  3. Company has a distributor focus vs customer focus or vice versa
  4. Geography different regions sometimes lean heavily towards certain types of plans
  5. The Skill set of those you will attract (comp plan might not pay you much directly but the “leverage” might be great on the team you create)

Like I say in the video compensation or percentages don’t matter when you are looking at the plans … behavior does. How you and your team act or work plan or actively build or sell the product, will determine A) which type of plan suits you B) which bonuses you will even qualify for or earn.

Best MLM Compensation Plan Video

Best MLM Compensation Plan Video

If you are looking for network marketing success or proven mlm coaching there is a simple solution. Do you wonder why your upline is rich and you cannot afford your autoship? How do you expect to make money in mlm if you don’t understand compensation plans? Well I’ve taken the guess work and mlm secrets out of the way for you. I’ve created a complete Video series, audio series and an accompanying network marketing book about comp plans. The whole series is LIVE on a whiteboard so it may be easier to digest than some mlm companies’ videos.

Make sure you grab a copy of my 2.5 hour DVD that goes over this whole network marketing compensation plan battle. It is aptly titled COMPENSATION PLAN UNIVERSITY. Or Comp Plan University for short. Now 1 thing I CAN say is that this is the Best MLM Compensation Plan VIDEO!!

Just Launched The Best MLM Consultant Agency

Today I am smiling because someone called me the best mlm consultant they had spoken with. Warren who lives in Atlanta said, he had spoken to bigger mlm consultants but their ego was too big. He wasn’t too happy that they spent the whole conversation just selling themselves and their mlm success. Warren also had the misfortune of speaking to someone else who clearly was just dropping names. He was also disappointed to learn they had limited network marketing success or understanding.

Well today marks a significant milestone in my mlm business career. I was just hired by my 3rd paying client who is trying to launch the “best mlm company ever”. Hopefully we can make that happen. I have been an elite network marketing leader for almost a decade now and I have given advice that has been enthusiastically implemented by some companies with over 300K distributors and some with over 1 Million distributors. I have also consulted other multi million dollar friends and network marketers on building strategies and intelligent mlm company selection.

The official nature of this is a little new for me but I have been practicing for this all my life. You see I love people and love business. I study both extensively for fun and for business. This passion and commitment has lead me to my consistent network marketing success. I am honored and humbled to currently have 2 master distributor offers (existing mlm company wants to put everybody under me) and 2 corporate VP of Marketing jobs on the table. However I have a large team of business partners and FRIENDS in one of the best mlm companies out there right now and it would be heartbreaking to let them down.

So I have decided to dedicate my time to running and coaching my team. At the same time I will be helping new mlm companies launch, grow or rebrand themselves by using my new mlm consultant firm Sales Whales Inc. I have several friends who are dominant network marketing trainers, company owners, or manufacturers who are each responsible for over $100 Million+ in sales. These powerful partners will also be available to help me give exceptional results and value to new clients seeking to accelerate their learning or speed to market.

I myself speak both English and french and my partners also speak Japanese and Spanish. We have extensive knowledge of numerous markets but our Top areas of documented knowledge, domination and extpertise are:


United States



Latin America / Puerto Rico

Hong Kong



The Best MLM Consultants:

Help you with Compensation plan design, Compensation plan audits, product sourcing, mlm legal support. Through our extensive connections we may also assist with mlm software selection. We can also possibly assist in finding a top tier network marketing leader or leaders to help you launch your company or specific growth markets.

Please keep an eye out for a new website and press releases regarding what will absolutely become the Best MLM Consultant Agency in the world SALES WHALES Inc. We look forward to serving you in any all capacities. If you are in need of a network marketing consultant feel free to use the contact us page.

7 Most Important Things To Ensure Network Marketing Success


7 Tips For Network Marketing Success

7 Tips For Network Marketing Success

It seems like Network Marketing Success is so elusive to most people. However there are some steps you can take to increase your chances of growing your businesses faster. In this network marketing training I want to get you to focus on the 7 most important things that you should be doing. Actually it is 1 most important thing then i will break it down into the 7 activities that are associated with it. As a matter of fact this philosophy is also the most important concept in internet marketing business or any business at all really.

The concept I am sharing, is to make sure you focus your time and energy on Revenue Generating Activities. Some people call them Income producing activities. Either way the concept is the same. Too many people are busy being busy. For network marketing success or most importantly RAPID Success you need to put your time into the right things. And since you are in Business to make money then your time should be spent on just that … Making Money.

Now in network marketing since it is a relationship business or a people business there are many other things you can get bogged down in. Like studying the compensation plan over and over, making fancy charts and designs, getting involved in team politics. Or even the dreaded management mode where you spend all your time telling others what do. The worst part about this is that your team duplicates this and they just tell OTHERS what do. (which means nobody is WORKING so nobody is Making Money)

If you truly want to turn the tides in your mlm business and have network marketing success; here are the 7 things you should be spending No Less than 75% of your time on ……

1. Looking For Prospects
2. Inviting
3. Presenting
4. Following Up
5. Closing
6. Enrolling and Training
7. Building for Events

Even if you could Only MASTER #1 – #2, then there should be team members that can do the rest. Prospecting and Inviting are truly critical and rewarding Revenue Generating Activities.

Now at the start I said this could also be the said for Internet marketing and any other business in general. It is still true that you want to focus on RGA the only difference is those things will have slightly different names and actions but the concept is the same. Finding customers, Selling to customers and ensuring customers continue to buy from you over time.

And yes of course there are the other ingredients that are essential to a good business, like having a good product, providing value, treating customers right etc. However without those RGA’s you are just “playing business” and being a wantrepeneur instead of a profitable entrepreneur. Anyhow just make sure you follow these 7 important mlm tips if you want to ensure your network marketing success for years to come.

easy mlm leads in gig economy

Getting MLM Leads  In Gig Economy

mlm leads in gig economy

MLM Leads In Gig Economy

I truly believe that the Gig economy will make it much easier to find mlm leads and for mlm prospecting. Soon more and more people will become familiar with this quick moving phenomenon. They will be more receptive to your advice on what is the best mlm company to join.

What is the Gig economy?

Love it or hate it, the gig economy is coming! Whether you are already a gig worker or not, you should keep in mind that the number of gig economy workers will double by 2020. The gig economy is fast expanding, and you should be ready to embrace it before it’s too late.

Gig workers belong to a wide range of occupations. Though employment surveys can not easily identify all gig workers, it is the way they earn $ that ties them with a single, common thread.

But, what exactly is the gig economy?

In a Nutshell

The gig economy is an environment in which companies or businesses contract independent workers, temporarily. In simple terms, the gig or shared economy translates to broader options for workers. The gig job market backs up freelancers and contract employees who choose to be self-employed or work from home. Since self-employment or freelancing comes along with a lot of freedom and flexibility, the gig economy continues to rise every passing day.

Gig workers earn money through completing gigs which can be as short as a 5-minute survey or as long as an 12-month database management project. Actually, a gig is a short-term contract for accomplishing a specific piece of work. As soon as gig workers complete one gig, they start looking for another so that they can earn a steady income. It is common for gig workers to juggle many jobs at once.

According to a study conducted by Freelancers Union, as many as 53 million Americans are independent (or gig) workers, which makes up 34% of the total workforce. Another study from Intuit projects that by the year 2020, more than 40% of all US workers will fall into the gig workers category.

Occupations for Gig Employment

The availability of gigs varies from one occupation to another. There are some occupations where gigs are more likely while there are others that are not so promising. However, any occupation where short-term or contractual jobs are available carries potential for gig employment.

Key occupations where gigs are available include:

  •  Art and Design
  •  Computer and Information Technology
  •  Construction and Extraction
  •  Media and Communications
  •  Transportation and Material Moving

For example, the art and design field offers gig work for professionals like musicians, graphic designers and fine artists. Likewise, gig jobs for web developers, software developers and computer programmers are available in the field of computer and information technology. You can get individual gigs in all these occupations using the digital media (website or mobile app). Uber, Upwork and Airbnb are some of the most popular companies that offer gig-based work.

Benefits for Gig Workers

The best thing about gig work is that it gives gig workers greater control. As a gig worker, you are free to choose those projects that you enjoy working on the most as well as work around your own schedule.

Gig workers can complete multiple gigs at once. Gig employment also provides a safety cushion for those employees whose full-time, traditional jobs are terminated due to various reasons. Today, you can search for and do a wide range of gig-style work right from the comfort of your home.

Challenges for Gig Workers

Working in a gig economy also has its own challenges and risks. To keep earning steadily, you’ll need to find gigs on a consistent basis. Contract-based work can dry up due to a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons is a client’s negative review about your performance or quality of work. In a gig-based job, you will not be able to enjoy employee benefits like vacation, insurance etc.

Therefore, it’s always advisable to get started small, part-time. As you create your own niche, develop all the essential skills and grow your client base over time, you can finally become a full-time gig worker.

So as UBER and other gigs teach people to be their own boss you can see why I say this helps you with mlm leads. It is my belief that network marketing, mlm, franchising and freelancing are all GIGS or in the same boat. Long story short as the world boldly moves towards becoming a gig economy your mlm leads and prospects will be conditioned by the reality. They’ll be more receptive to joining your network marketing or mlm company. The best mlm leads are the ones who FINALLY realize a home business is the best way to go.

Why Would Microsoft Buy LinkedIn For A Whopping 27 Billion

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn for a Whopping $27 Billion

Microsoft Buys Linkedin 27 Billion

Microsoft Buys Linkedin 27 Billion

Acquisition deals are common in business. But when the cost of acquisition is as much as $26.2 billion in cash for a social network, the deal certainly demands attention – mostly from entrepreneurs. Microsoft has announced that it’s going to acquire LinkedIn, an established professional network.

The acquisition deal (196th as per Wikipedia) that’s projected to conclude this calendar year will value LinkedIn shares at $196 each.

An important term of the acquisition process is that LinkedIn will have the freedom of retaining its own brand and culture and the it will function under the existing CEO Jeff Weiner. And Jeff will report directly to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. It’s important to know that the LinkedIn deal is the largest in the history of Microsoft. Other Microsoft recent acquisitions include Yammer ($1.2 billion), Mojang ($2.5 billion), Nokia ($7.2 billion) and Skype ($8.5 billion).

Microsoft’s success record in acquiring large companies is mixed. Back in 1997, Microsoft acquired Hotmail, a free email service, for $400 million. The deal resulted in an increased number of email subscribers and web traffic. In addition to that, the integration of Microsoft web apps like Windows Live Messenger and SkyDrive provided users with a unique experience. Recently, the Skype deal turned out to be a success. The Nokia deal fell flat. However, under Nadella, the company has witnessed more success with smaller acquisitions.

Microsoft hasn’t said anything about how exactly it will leverage LinkedIn. But it’s easy to imagine that the software giant will use the business networking platform to boost its own social networking presence.

Currently, LinkedIn has over 433 million users who use the platform to find jobs and connect with colleagues and professionals from all across the globe. Many of these users are also subscribers to the premium services offered by LinkedIn. The professional networking platform has been reported to generate $2.99 billion in revenue for 2015, which is a 35% increase from 2014.

“The LinkedIn team has grown a fantastic business centered on connecting the world’s professionals,” Nadella said. “Together we can accelerate the growth of LinkedIn, as well as Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics as we seek to empower every person and organization on the planet.”

It’s obvious that the deal is a big one both in terms of the cash being paid and what LinkedIn brings to the table.

Since Nadella took over as Microsoft CEO, he has done a great deal to improve the performance and the image of Microsoft. In the technology industry itself, the company has moved ahead by partnering with companies like, which was a tech rival at one time. Further, Nadella expanded the company’s ambit from traditional software to cloud applications. Under Nadella’s leadership, Microsoft’s stock has gone up considerably.

Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn is an act of bringing two perspectives together – professional cloud and professional network.

Weiner said, “Just as we have changed the way the world connects to opportunity, this relationship with Microsoft, and the combination of their cloud and LinkedIn’s network, now gives us a chance to also change the way the world works.”

It will be interesting to see though how Microsoft generates revenues from its acquisition of LinkedIn. Experts suggest that the company will use ‘LinkedIn data’ to pick up sensitive information about potential customers to increase revenues. By connecting LinkedIn directly to Microsoft Office, Microsoft could also make it easy for attendees of meeting learn from one another through direct invitations in their calendars. The LinkedIn algorithm that crunches data is of immense interest to Microsoft too.

Microsoft has attempted to gain ground in the social networking industry, but to no avail. In the year 2012, it acquired Yammer, a social networking service for private communication within organizations. But it’s hopes of turning this social networking deal into a huge success didn’t materialize. Nadella now hopes to fulfill this dream with his LinkedIn deal. However, one may ask why Microsoft didn’t venture into developing its very own social network instead of spending as much as $26.2 billion on acquiring one. Can’t Microsoft do just that?

My guess is that just like in the HOTMAIL deal Microsoft wants the LinkedIn users more than anything. If they created another social network they would still be fighting LinkedIn on top of all the networks for attention. This way they knock off a Major competitor and Microsoft is immediately a Dominant player in the social space. Of course they have a bunch of new half “customers” now to easily sell their wares too as well. The price tag was steep but in the future we will look back at the headline ” Microsoft Buys Linkedin” and say the move was brilliant.

snapchat generate mlm leads online

SnapChat Generate mlm leadsUse Snapchat To Generate MLM Leads Online

Snapchat is no longer a mere photo and video sharing app. Since its humble beginnings in 2011, the app has traveled a long distance. Today, Snapchat is a powerful tool that marketers use to connect with their target audiences. Whether you run a home-based business or an MLM business, you too can utilize Snapchat to market your products or services and generate mlm leads online.

But how do you generate leads with Snapchat?

You are familiar with popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and probably you know how to use these platforms to generate leads for your business. There are plenty of blog posts and articles on the topic. But what about Snapchat? It’s also a social media platform – in fact the third most popular among the millennials. In the United States alone, the social platform has around 26 million active users. Globally, it has over 150 million daily active users (Bloomberg).

I assume you have yet to use Snapchat to generate mlm leads. Or tried it but you are still struggling to generate leads on the social platform. Listed below are some of the most effective ways you can make gains and find some leads.

Offer Valuable Content

Customers or prospects always have a keen interest in finding out about a business’ company culture, product creation process and almost everything that falls in between. While using Snapchat, you can share both photos and videos to let people know more about your small biz or network marketing business. Just make sure your content offers some kind of real value to followers.

The best part about using Snapchat for mlm leads is that it’s a “social” platform with a “casual” approach. So, you don’t have to worry too much about appearing very professional.

Tell a Story

Storytelling is an excellent art used by businesses of all sizes for success. Humans simply can’t live without stories. Thankfully, Snapchat comes along with a feature which allows you tell a story – ‘My Story’.

Using this great feature, you can quickly combine multiple picture messages to create a beautiful story your followers will love. Video is best but even picture-based stories are quite effective on Snapchat for engagement and lead generation.

When people watch your story, you have the complete attention of your followers because it takes up the entire screen. Don’t think of it as trying to find network marketing leads, think of it like a little reality TV show.

Showcase Your Personality

Whatever “Snap” you share, you should always remember to show the human side of your business. People are always curious to know who stands behind a brand. If you plan to engage your followers and get leads, inject personality into your photos and videos.

By letting your personality shine through the content on Snapchat, you make it easy to build a genuine connection with your followers. A genuine brand-consumer relationship is key to any kind of mlm lead generation success.

Use Your Creative Skills

To get the most attention from your Snapchat followers, you should be creative and entertaining. Especially when it’s about a product launch. If you just throw your products in the faces of your customers or prospects, you will only drive them away. Try asking your followers to sign up for something inside Snapchat and then start sending them ‘creative’ promotional content.

Rather than sharing product images, you should offer them videos that show them how the product was created, used or worked form somebody.

Run Contests

Running contests is again a good strategy to engage followers on Snapchat. The contest could be as simple what were my 3 topics this week, or tweet/snap out my link for a gift. If you run a travel business, you can ask your followers to send in their favorite trip photos. There are several direct sales people I know who are using contests to strengthen the brand-consumer relationship and generate leads. Just make sure that you define the criteria for contest participation clearly.

Snapchat for lead generation is cool but don’t forget to include your existing downline or mlm team. Its a phenomenal tool for engaging existing customers and attracting new ones. If you are a new Snapchat user, you may need some practice before you start rocking. Ask your KIDS for help.

There are lots of ways to generate mlm leads online. I still think facebook leads are the best. The truth is the younger crowd (older ones now too) are moving to Snapchat. If you want to be ahead of the snapchat curve at least get your account set up and start snapping asap. Myself and other savvy marketers are having fun using this app to easily generate mlm leads and the best part is we are just being ourselves … on short videos. Make sure you add me on SNAPCHAT my username is @KevinLatmore or you can scan my picture in this article once you have an account.

9 Quick Tips To Increase Blog Traffic

Increase Blog Traffic Free

Increase Blog Traffic

9 Tip to Increase Blog Traffic

Whether you have 1 or 1000 visits a day everyone wants to increase their blog traffic. Getting traffic to your blog is of paramount importance. In fact a bad blog with lots of traffic is superior to a great blog with NO Traffic. Of course we are striving for a Great blog with lots of traffic. That being said below I have outlined an easy to implement list of 9 quick tips to increase blog traffic. Best of all they are all Free Traffic Methods.

1. Write with KEYWORDS In Mind

Use the Adwords Keyword tool to know specific phrases people are looking for and write you post around that idea. Obviously insert that phrase NATURALLY and where relevant. The bulk of the value will come from using this phrase in your Title, anchor text and a few quality uses of it splashed throughout your article

2. Comment on Competitors Blogs

Post high quality and Value adding comments on your competitors blogs or any other good blogs within your niche.especially look for sites that have lots of traffic and many others commenting as well. Don’t be spammy. Also go Answers.Yahoo .com and FormSpring

3. Share on Social Sites

Share your work, links and articles on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest. Others may click, repost and bookmark. All of which will bring you traffic

4. Install and use Google Analytics

You will see unexpected patterns. Once you see them repeat them on purpose. Duh let Google tell you how to increase your blog traffic by doing more of the right things and cutting out the bad

5. SEO Friendly Site

Yes it changes but the basics will always be there. Have good Titles, Good Keywordrich Content and tag and optimize your pictures. This is 20% work but gets 80% of the traffic

6. Profile or Email Signature

I know it is sounds silly but it WORKS and is Automated. Best of all if people read your emails they already know you so they will be interested to check out your site.

7. Share with the Sharers

Target audiences that are predisposed to Like and Share content. Facbook Groups or people into motivation quotes or Retweeters are all good sources

8. Meet your Audience at THEIR Spot

Part take or hangout where your audience typically hangouts and JOIN convo. It is typically forums, facebook groups or some social space. They key is to blend in, interact and lend value … this will create interest in your Profile links or signature

9. Offline Events

Chat it up at Live Local events. People who met you are more likely to visit your site. You can even discuss ways to do business and grow traffic. Sometime they have registry books or better than that they create a Group or fanpage to stay in TOUCH. If you Really want a lot of traffic make sure YOU are the admin or the one who makes the Group – BOOOOM 🙂
Stick with it. Slow and STEADY wins the blog traffic race

I hope these tips help increase your blog traffic, let us know.

Difference Between Persuasion and Manipulation

Difference Between Persuasion and manipulation Robert Cialdini

Difference Between Persuasion and manipulation

1 of my students had seen my video on Influence The Psychology of Persuasion By Robert Cialdini. So recently he asked me the difference between Persuasion and Manipulation. Part of me was surprised that this Leader did not know. Then again even though persuasion and manipulation are vastly different they are also dangerously close.

The quick answer to the difference between Persuasion and Manipulation is INTENT. What is the leader or speaker trying to achieve and more importantly what is their core motivation and for who’s benefit.

  1. Persuaders – Know your strengths and and Encourage you to rally
  2. Manipulators – Know your Vulnerabilities and Exploit them mercilessly

Another key component in the differences is how the 2 use emotions for or against you. Manipulators use, Fear, Anxiety, Guilt whereas the Persuaders typically use Encouragement, Empowerment and Happiness towards the outcome. Now there will be times when even persuasion will have to be used to get people to do uncomfortable things but again if it ultimately benefits THEM then this is a good thing.

If you are hoping to be a Network Marketing Leader or a leader of any  kind actually, you will have to learn to be persuasive whether you like it or not. As a matter of fact people are counting on you to be persuasive because most are inherently lazy and procrastinators that need a constant push. They also require that you paint a vision for them and give them the confidence and encouragement to believe they can realize that vision.

Your steadfastness, unwavering belief and positive vision of their outcome will become infectious and give them to boost to do something they might not have done on their own. This is simply because they didn’t think it was possible or necessary. You have now used your Influence to persuade them. When done right however the decision MUST ultimately be theirs. You just provide the Why and the How. They still have to provide the WILL to move forward.

By contrast a Manipulator will guilt and shame them to force their hand and their decision. Even if this works there will be two major short comings:

  1. The person or team will resent you eventually
  2. This typically will only work in the short term

Unlike helpful persuasive leaders, Manipulators primary focus is their own benefit. Unfortunately it typically comes at the expense of those being manipulated. If you find your audience or prospects are becoming agitated or expressing gross discomfort with your ideas, suggestions or requests then they probably feel as if you are manipulating them in some way. Even if you are NOT the perception is still important to get trust and buy in. By contrast when you are using influence to persuade them even if you are requesting that they dig down deep you can see their eyes light up with a growing belief in the possibilities.

For more information on Persuasion check out some of my other articles on this subject. Also Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini is a must read for any up and coming network marketing leader or any business leader for that matter.


5 Tips For Generating Network Marketing Leads On LinkedIn

LinkedIn Network Marketing Leads

LinkedIn Network Marketing Leads

If you are looking for network marketing leads and prospecting ideas, then social media might be your answer. The 3 best social media sites for network marketing business would be facebook, twitter and my new favorite LinkedIn.

Facebook is of course the big kid on the block with over 900 Million users (of course there are MANY Millions of FAKE Facebook accounts) and twitter has 500 Million users but again there are a lot of spammers and robots on twitter. Linkedin has a whopping 200 Million users and most are quite savvy on both the internet and in business.Continue reading