Orlando Shooting Range Omar Martin

Kevin and Omar Martin Gun Range

Kevin and Omar Martin Gun Range

I flew into Orlando bright and early this morning. Well I left Raleigh North Carolina at 6 AM and got into MCO (Orlando Airport) at 9:30. Unfortunately my ride didn’t show up until 10:30. Riding with friends is cool but I never get tired of showing up at the airport and seeing some dude in a cap holding a sign saying Mr. Latmore on it. Then he grabs your bags and carries them to the limo for ya.

At any rate a very cool day and mission began at 10:30 in Orlando with some of my friends and business partners Omar Martin, Devin Chipman and Melinda Martin.

We went to Best Buy and grabbed some new Macs, TV’s and 32 inch computer monitors to make working online a whole lot easier. We hit up Longhorns for some grub and jokes. Medium Rare prime rib makes any day a good day 🙂

Perhaps it was because we ate at a Texas Steak House but somehow we went to a shooting range right after. As a Canadian I was forced to get a gun permit just to spend a couple hours at the shooting range. It was quite bizarre and I really didn’t want too. Needless to say that I caved once the manager told me that it was a Felony to be shooting my rented 9MM Glock without it. YIKES Sign me up

It took a little getting used too but I am sure I could have gotten a Sheriff badge before I left. As for Deputy Omar Martin, well lets just say there won’t be any Gunslinging For Newbies coming out any time soon. If you have never been you should try it. It is loads of FUN but VERY loud however. My hands were totally cramped by the time we left.

Since GUNS and Medium Rare Texas steaks were not enough testosterone for us, we decided to see Iron Man 2 at 10:30 that night. It was actually pretty good. I give it a thumbs up.

Oh well that is it for play time. The next 4 days is strictly business.

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