7 Most Important Things To Ensure Network Marketing Success


7 Tips For Network Marketing Success

7 Tips For Network Marketing Success

It seems like Network Marketing Success is so elusive to most people. However there are some steps you can take to increase your chances of growing your businesses faster. In this network marketing training I want to get you to focus on the 7 most important things that you should be doing. Actually it is 1 most important thing then i will break it down into the 7 activities that are associated with it. As a matter of fact this philosophy is also the most important concept in internet marketing business or any business at all really.

The concept I am sharing, is to make sure you focus your time and energy on Revenue Generating Activities. Some people call them Income producing activities. Either way the concept is the same. Too many people are busy being busy. For network marketing success or most importantly RAPID Success you need to put your time into the right things. And since you are in Business to make money then your time should be spent on just that … Making Money.

Now in network marketing since it is a relationship business or a people business there are many other things you can get bogged down in. Like studying the compensation plan over and over, making fancy charts and designs, getting involved in team politics. Or even the dreaded management mode where you spend all your time telling others what do. The worst part about this is that your team duplicates this and they just tell OTHERS what do. (which means nobody is WORKING so nobody is Making Money)

If you truly want to turn the tides in your mlm business and have network marketing success; here are the 7 things you should be spending No Less than 75% of your time on ……

1. Looking For Prospects
2. Inviting
3. Presenting
4. Following Up
5. Closing
6. Enrolling and Training
7. Building for Events

Even if you could Only MASTER #1 – #2, then there should be team members that can do the rest. Prospecting and Inviting are truly critical and rewarding Revenue Generating Activities.

Now at the start I said this could also be the said for Internet marketing and any other business in general. It is still true that you want to focus on RGA the only difference is those things will have slightly different names and actions but the concept is the same. Finding customers, Selling to customers and ensuring customers continue to buy from you over time.

And yes of course there are the other ingredients that are essential to a good business, like having a good product, providing value, treating customers right etc. However without those RGA’s you are just “playing business” and being a wantrepeneur instead of a profitable entrepreneur. Anyhow just make sure you follow these 7 important mlm tips if you want to ensure your network marketing success for years to come.

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