9 Quick Tips To Increase Blog Traffic

Increase Blog Traffic Free

Increase Blog Traffic

9 Tip to Increase Blog Traffic

Whether you have 1 or 1000 visits a day everyone wants to increase their blog traffic. Getting traffic to your blog is of paramount importance. In fact a bad blog with lots of traffic is superior to a great blog with NO Traffic. Of course we are striving for a Great blog with lots of traffic. That being said below I have outlined an easy to implement list of 9 quick tips to increase blog traffic. Best of all they are all Free Traffic Methods.

1. Write with KEYWORDS In Mind

Use the Adwords Keyword tool to know specific phrases people are looking for and write you post around that idea. Obviously insert that phrase NATURALLY and where relevant. The bulk of the value will come from using this phrase in your Title, anchor text and a few quality uses of it splashed throughout your article

2. Comment on Competitors Blogs

Post high quality and Value adding comments on your competitors blogs or any other good blogs within your niche.especially look for sites that have lots of traffic and many others commenting as well. Don’t be spammy. Also go Answers.Yahoo .com and FormSpring

3. Share on Social Sites

Share your work, links and articles on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest. Others may click, repost and bookmark. All of which will bring you traffic

4. Install and use Google Analytics

You will see unexpected patterns. Once you see them repeat them on purpose. Duh let Google tell you how to increase your blog traffic by doing more of the right things and cutting out the bad

5. SEO Friendly Site

Yes it changes but the basics will always be there. Have good Titles, Good Keywordrich Content and tag and optimize your pictures. This is 20% work but gets 80% of the traffic

6. Profile or Email Signature

I know it is sounds silly but it WORKS and is Automated. Best of all if people read your emails they already know you so they will be interested to check out your site.

7. Share with the Sharers

Target audiences that are predisposed to Like and Share content. Facbook Groups or people into motivation quotes or Retweeters are all good sources

8. Meet your Audience at THEIR Spot

Part take or hangout where your audience typically hangouts and JOIN convo. It is typically forums, facebook groups or some social space. They key is to blend in, interact and lend value … this will create interest in your Profile links or signature

9. Offline Events

Chat it up at Live Local events. People who met you are more likely to visit your site. You can even discuss ways to do business and grow traffic. Sometime they have registry books or better than that they create a Group or fanpage to stay in TOUCH. If you Really want a lot of traffic make sure YOU are the admin or the one who makes the Group – BOOOOM 🙂
Stick with it. Slow and STEADY wins the blog traffic race

I hope these tips help increase your blog traffic, let us know.

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