Best MLM Compensation Plan

Best MLM Compensation Plan Ever?

People are always asking me for network marketing strategies or mlm tips. Another hot question I get often is “what is the best mlm compensation plan?” That question really gets me going. To be honest though I guess I was the same way when I started. I used to shout that My Company has the best compensation plan in the industry. So I guess I can’t be too mad at people now for saying it.

However I can share what I have discovered over my career though. The simple answer is that there is no such thing as the best mlm compensation plan. The very nature of this question is flawed. Also those shouting it usually do not even know ANY Other comp plan. They just know that they are in a binary compensation plan and their upline told them it was the best so they repeat to others that it is the best. Or perhaps they are in a unilevel or party plan and never even heard of a binary compensation plan. Now all of a sudden, mysteriously THEIRS is the best?

Most plans these days have intricate matching bonuses or are hybrid compensation plan anyways. Considering the fact that people were already confused it will continue to get more complicated for them to comprehend what their company is offering.

The video above explains whey these comp plan wars are so silly. That said below I will list the 5 major reasons why there is no viability to the argument of the best mlm compensation plan.

  1. Each Compensation Structure rewards SPECIFIC Skill set
  2. A Personal Profound result with a company will affect your enthusiasm more than compensation
  3. Company has a distributor focus vs customer focus or vice versa
  4. Geography different regions sometimes lean heavily towards certain types of plans
  5. The Skill set of those you will attract (comp plan might not pay you much directly but the “leverage” might be great on the team you create)

Like I say in the video compensation or percentages don’t matter when you are looking at the plans … behavior does. How you and your team act or work plan or actively build or sell the product, will determine A) which type of plan suits you B) which bonuses you will even qualify for or earn.

Best MLM Compensation Plan Video

Best MLM Compensation Plan Video

If you are looking for network marketing success or proven mlm coaching there is a simple solution. Do you wonder why your upline is rich and you cannot afford your autoship? How do you expect to make money in mlm if you don’t understand compensation plans? Well I’ve taken the guess work and mlm secrets out of the way for you. I’ve created a complete Video series, audio series and an accompanying network marketing book about comp plans. The whole series is LIVE on a whiteboard so it may be easier to digest than some mlm companies’ videos.

Make sure you grab a copy of my 2.5 hour DVD that goes over this whole network marketing compensation plan battle. It is aptly titled COMPENSATION PLAN UNIVERSITY. Or Comp Plan University for short. Now 1 thing I CAN say is that this is the Best MLM Compensation Plan VIDEO!!

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