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Today I am smiling because someone called me the best mlm consultant they had spoken with. Warren who lives in Atlanta said, he had spoken to bigger mlm consultants but their ego was too big. He wasn’t too happy that they spent the whole conversation just selling themselves and their mlm success. Warren also had the misfortune of speaking to someone else who clearly was just dropping names. He was also disappointed to learn they had limited network marketing success or understanding.

Well today marks a significant milestone in my mlm business career. I was just hired by my 3rd paying client who is trying to launch the “best mlm company ever”. Hopefully we can make that happen. I have been an elite network marketing leader for almost a decade now and I have given advice that has been enthusiastically implemented by some companies with over 300K distributors and some with over 1 Million distributors. I have also consulted other multi million dollar friends and network marketers on building strategies and intelligent mlm company selection.

The official nature of this is a little new for me but I have been practicing for this all my life. You see I love people and love business. I study both extensively for fun and for business. This passion and commitment has lead me to my consistent network marketing success. I am honored and humbled to currently have 2 master distributor offers (existing mlm company wants to put everybody under me) and 2 corporate VP of Marketing jobs on the table. However I have a large team of business partners and FRIENDS in one of the best mlm companies out there right now and it would be heartbreaking to let them down.

So I have decided to dedicate my time to running and coaching my team. At the same time I will be helping new mlm companies launch, grow or rebrand themselves by using my new mlm consultant firm Sales Whales Inc. I have several friends who are dominant network marketing trainers, company owners, or manufacturers who are each responsible for over $100 Million+ in sales. These powerful partners will also be available to help me give exceptional results and value to new clients seeking to accelerate their learning or speed to market.

I myself speak both English and french and my partners also speak Japanese and Spanish. We have extensive knowledge of numerous markets but our Top areas of documented knowledge, domination and extpertise are:


United States



Latin America / Puerto Rico

Hong Kong



The Best MLM Consultants:

Help you with Compensation plan design, Compensation plan audits, product sourcing, mlm legal support. Through our extensive connections we may also assist with mlm software selection. We can also possibly assist in finding a top tier network marketing leader or leaders to help you launch your company or specific growth markets.

Please keep an eye out for a new website and press releases regarding what will absolutely become the Best MLM Consultant Agency in the world SALES WHALES Inc. We look forward to serving you in any all capacities. If you are in need of a network marketing consultant feel free to use the contact us page.

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Kevin Latmore is as a record breaking $7Figure Network Marketing Success Story. Some Call him a marketing guru. He's coached over 100K people in 65 countries and sold over $100M worth of goods / services. Kevin is now a highly sought after MLM Consultant, Public Speaker and Elite Business Coach.

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