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SnapChat Generate mlm leadsUse Snapchat To Generate MLM Leads Online

Snapchat is no longer a mere photo and video sharing app. Since its humble beginnings in 2011, the app has traveled a long distance. Today, Snapchat is a powerful tool that marketers use to connect with their target audiences. Whether you run a home-based business or an MLM business, you too can utilize Snapchat to market your products or services and generate mlm leads online.

But how do you generate leads with Snapchat?

You are familiar with popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and probably you know how to use these platforms to generate leads for your business. There are plenty of blog posts and articles on the topic. But what about Snapchat? It’s also a social media platform – in fact the third most popular among the millennials. In the United States alone, the social platform has around 26 million active users. Globally, it has over 150 million daily active users (Bloomberg).

I assume you have yet to use Snapchat to generate mlm leads. Or tried it but you are still struggling to generate leads on the social platform. Listed below are some of the most effective ways you can make gains and find some leads.

Offer Valuable Content

Customers or prospects always have a keen interest in finding out about a business’ company culture, product creation process and almost everything that falls in between. While using Snapchat, you can share both photos and videos to let people know more about your small biz or network marketing business. Just make sure your content offers some kind of real value to followers.

The best part about using Snapchat for mlm leads is that it’s a “social” platform with a “casual” approach. So, you don’t have to worry too much about appearing very professional.

Tell a Story

Storytelling is an excellent art used by businesses of all sizes for success. Humans simply can’t live without stories. Thankfully, Snapchat comes along with a feature which allows you tell a story – ‘My Story’.

Using this great feature, you can quickly combine multiple picture messages to create a beautiful story your followers will love. Video is best but even picture-based stories are quite effective on Snapchat for engagement and lead generation.

When people watch your story, you have the complete attention of your followers because it takes up the entire screen. Don’t think of it as trying to find network marketing leads, think of it like a little reality TV show.

Showcase Your Personality

Whatever “Snap” you share, you should always remember to show the human side of your business. People are always curious to know who stands behind a brand. If you plan to engage your followers and get leads, inject personality into your photos and videos.

By letting your personality shine through the content on Snapchat, you make it easy to build a genuine connection with your followers. A genuine brand-consumer relationship is key to any kind of mlm lead generation success.

Use Your Creative Skills

To get the most attention from your Snapchat followers, you should be creative and entertaining. Especially when it’s about a product launch. If you just throw your products in the faces of your customers or prospects, you will only drive them away. Try asking your followers to sign up for something inside Snapchat and then start sending them ‘creative’ promotional content.

Rather than sharing product images, you should offer them videos that show them how the product was created, used or worked form somebody.

Run Contests

Running contests is again a good strategy to engage followers on Snapchat. The contest could be as simple what were my 3 topics this week, or tweet/snap out my link for a gift. If you run a travel business, you can ask your followers to send in their favorite trip photos. There are several direct sales people I know who are using contests to strengthen the brand-consumer relationship and generate leads. Just make sure that you define the criteria for contest participation clearly.

Snapchat for lead generation is cool but don’t forget to include your existing downline or mlm team. Its a phenomenal tool for engaging existing customers and attracting new ones. If you are a new Snapchat user, you may need some practice before you start rocking. Ask your KIDS for help.

There are lots of ways to generate mlm leads online. I still think facebook leads are the best. The truth is the younger crowd (older ones now too) are moving to Snapchat. If you want to be ahead of the snapchat curve at least get your account set up and start snapping asap. Myself and other savvy marketers are having fun using this app to easily generate mlm leads and the best part is we are just being ourselves … on short videos. Make sure you add me on SNAPCHAT my username is @KevinLatmore or you can scan my picture in this article once you have an account.

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