Top mlm companies

Top MLM Companies List

Top MLM Companies list

Above is a Top MLM Companies list based on revenues generated during the year 2015. These mlm companies are some of the biggest and best. Some like Amway have been around for 57 years, and still continue to churn out nearly a Billion $ per month. Also included in the list is Jeunesse Global who hit the $Billion mark in just their 6th year of business. Many people think that Jeunesse broke the record for fastest to $1 Billion in annual sales due to their acquisition of Monvie. However if you look at the print we put at the bottom of the image you will see that even without the Monavie sales Jeunesse Global still crossed the $Billion mark.

It is interesting to note that many different niches within the mlm industry are represented within this top network marketing companies list. For instance you have at least 5 of the top 10 companies focused on Skincare. They are Avon, Nu Skin, Natura and Mary Kay. Natura is a Brazilian based mlm company. Other major skincare players are another Avon division, Jeunesse (French word for YOUTH), Oriflame, Belcorp and Vorwrek which owns cosmetic company JAFRA that account for a huge % of their sales revenue. So my research has shown me much to my surprise that nearly half of the 20 best mlm companies are actually skincare companies.

I guessed nutritional companies like Hebalife, New Era or Tiens would dominate, but I like many I assume would have been wrong. You have some great service based mlm companies like Ambit Energy, Primerica (Financial services) and Telecom Plus doing well. My first major network marketing success was with a telecom named Excel Communications. It was both fun and exciting to sell and recruit. The pitch was simple, “Hey EVERYBODY NEEDS a phone and internet right?”

Also rounding out the list is a mighthy 68 year old iconic mlm company … Tupperware. Talk about longevity and staying power. What I find most interesting about tupperware is that they still have over $2 Billion in sales, selling a product that lasts 20 years. So much for mlm saturation and needing to chase the next mlm prelaunch in order to find success.

Well there lots of teaching points and concepts to grasp from this list.

5 Best MLM Companies List Conclusions:

  1. Most of the biggest and best mlm companies are in skincare
  2. Whether you were 57 years old like Amway or 6 years like Jeunesse you can be at the top of the list
  3. Many different mlm compensation plans are used in respect to this list. Unilevel, Stairstep Breakaway, Coding (small passups until you hit a rank) and of course the binary compensation
  4. Top 10 mlm companies = $ 42.23 Billion in sales –  Top 20 = $ 54.57 Billion
  5. I always questioned if there really was 10K mlm companies? WOW!! I don’t even know all the $Billion companies! How many of the top 20 have you even ever heard of? (comment below)

Every day people are joining thousands of companies. Some join the best mlm companies, some join the worst mlm scam companies. Most distributors find themselves happily somewhere in the middle. Everyone thinks the have found the best mlm company to join. If you read my article on mlm compensation plans you will know how impossible this is. Every mlm or network marketing company is different. They all have good and bad points, prices or products. It is which of these mlm companies is best for you that is important.

If nothing else hopefully this list gave you some insight and gets you thinking. For the record there is something about #18 that I really like best wink wink.

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